Watch ‘Propaganda By The Deed’, The Most Anti-American Short Film You’ll Ever See

Ryan Reese is back at it again with another First Ward Films short film that uses few resources to paint quite the picture.

Titled Propaganda By the Deed, a young man, best left unnamed, begins to see flaws in the system. His attitude is far from patriotic and distain for U.S. policies slowly morph the boy into a domestic terrorist. He works as a paperboy who saves every penny to supply his evil intentions, but spends the majority of the film expressing why he feels the urge to commit atrocities.

The film serves as a glimpse into the possible mindset of someone with their back against the wall and a few screws loose in our current society. You can steal and desecrate the American flag, live off of eating lizards, murder someone & steal their car; anything your evil anarchist mind might come up with can be done to a degree of success in our modern marvel of a society.

These are all touchy subjects, a very controversial kind of film to produce in our current times. Maybe that’s the kind of content we need to spark a conversation that gets us somewhere. We have to address our problems, and understand what we are contributing individually to perpetuate these problems.

If you want to watch something with some charge to it, this is the perfect use of 20 minutes. If you would rather take the blue pill, then continue watching your favorite series on Netflix or listening to Fox news while kicking back a few brewskis in your recliner. We won’t judge you. If you are interested in watching through to the finale (which might be a little “much”) then proceed to the link below.


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