How Central Floridians Can Attend Art Basel On The Cheap

Photos coutesy of Art Basel's website

The biggest event of the year is coming up this December and no, I am not talking about Christmas. I am talking about Art Basel Miami Beach 2016, the artworld’s vacation away from their desks, studios, and offices to celebrate the best of today’s modern art.

Although people fly in from all over the world to Art Basel in Miami, it is very much so America’s turn to live up the much anticipated shows and parties that high end collectors, gallery owners, curators, artists, and celebrities happen to attend. Europe has its turn when the show is held where it originated in Basel, Switzerland and then Asia even has a go at it when it is held in Hong Kong, China. And now, from December 1st through the 4th, Miami is once again host to the international art show.

If you are Floridian who is indeed interested in art, you probably have heard of Art Basel or may have even already attended it for the past few years. For artists and art enthusiasts in south Florida, going to the variety of gallery openings and big exhibition hall itself is a no-brainer. But what about artistically inclined art lovers out of central or north Florida? With young creative types usually broke, how can they experience the legendary, worldly art festival that they might end up having a piece in someday? First, let’s talk about admission.

Order tickets online

The prices for a one day ticket at this years Art Basel is $55.00 when purchased at the venue’s box office. This can get you into 1 of the 4 days of the event, and we recommend buying it from Art Basel’s website, where they are just $50.00. If you cannot scrape up enough coin to even purchase a one day ticket, but are able to get to Miami during the show, you will be able to find tons of different art related events happening all around Miami. Art completely takes over Miami when Art Basel is in town, so you can check out the local galleries and venues in the area for cool events and after parties. It’s possible to even bump into some well-respected art collectors at these smaller, lower key parties. Now lets think about how to get there.

Carpool with friends/hitchhike

It takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes to drive the 236 miles from Orlando to Miami. If you happen to know someone else who is making the trip down south, try to hitch a ride and split the cost of gas. Better yet, try and get an entire car load of people to travel with in one vehicle and then you can split the cost 5 ways, making it much cheaper than if you went by yourself.

Now if you do have to go by yourself, we say don’t even bother with using your own car. Just be a real art star and hitchhike, proving your determination to attend Art Basel no matter what. Just creatively draw up a cardboard sign that reads “ART BASEL OR BUST” on it and someone heading the same direction will have to pick you up. If not, you might end up walking for 75 hours until your dirty, tired self reaches the main exhibition hall, but hey you got there right?


A Gentle Collision, 2014 by a fav artist of mine, Ed Templeton, will be shown at Art Basel this year.

Don’t get a hotel room, use Airbnb

Airbnb can be an art lovers best friend if used correctly. The short-term lodging app makes it affordable for almost anyone to stay a few days in Miami. If you want to get the best deal though, we recommend planning and reserving your place to crash now, as we are sure a lot of people will be using Airbnb during December 1st – 4th. Exploring the app and searching for spaces available on those days I found spots in Miami as low as $25.00 per night. There are even some private rooms right on Miami Beach for $65.00 a night. A hotels average price on the beach is $165.00 per night, so Airbnb is definitely the way to go.

Now with these tips, you should be able to go to Miami in early December and see some of the worlds new leading art pieces, all without spending a fortune. So get your ticket online now, plan a carpool with your art-obsessed friends and reserve your stay in some random Miami hustlers extra room in his high rise apartment because Art Basel itself is a work of art and it is something that should not be missed!

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