For The 1st Time In 8 Years, I Won’t Be Watching The Oscars

Hollywoods biggest awards show has become a pretentious, politically correct, judgement of everything except cinema.

For the past 8 years, I have celebrated the Academy Awards like a religious holiday. For some strange reason, like the rest of the worlds film elitists, I enjoy the red carpet glamour, trying to guess who wins Best Picture, and all of the other traditional Hollywood lavishness that goes into the idea of gathering a bunch of millionaires in a room to hand out gold statues to each other for playing make believe. It’s an awards show that is insanely over the top in all aspects. And so from the comfort of my own home, every year I would host an over the top Oscars party. I would supply the television, decorations, finger foods, cheap champagne, and implement a strict fancy dress code. I’m not kidding. If a guest didn’t wear their best suit or dress, they were turned away at the door. The Academy wouldn’t let Amy Adams walk into the Dolby Theater wearing sweats would they?

Some of the pretty ladies who attended my 2016 Oscars Party

Naturally, my cinema obsession leads me to appreciate the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences attempt at identifying the best of the best. But in recent years, the show has become more than just about recognizing talented filmmakers. The Oscars have become a platform for projecting all sorts of unnecessary opinions. Whether it be a justified rant about industry inequality or fiery rhetoric showing distaste for the current presidential administration, winners acceptance speeches aren’t really about thanking anyone anymore. They just say “Thanks Mom!” and then cut to their scathing take on the current issue that is bothering them until they get played off by the orchestra music. I bet at this very moment there are certain stars who are rehearsing their politically fueled speech like a new script they have been offered. I’m sorry, but I’m against this. The winners of these awards do have a right to say what they please during an acceptance speech, but c’mon, there’s a time and place for that. Save the rants for late night television, not for one of the most important 30 seconds of your career. I guess it doesn’t help that Jimmy Kimmel is hosting this years show either, as I’m sure he will bring that late night vibe to the stage he is MC’ing. Maybe the Academy Awards is just a fancy late night television show now. I mean, the room is full of celebrity guests, and someone is bound to say or do something controversial.

The Academy Awards aren’t fun anymore. They aren’t worth throwing an extravagant party for. I don’t even want to dress up.

Another problem I have is how difficult it is to even go out and see the nominees. Most major theater chains only do limited runs of these films or don’t even show them at all. I hear all these great reviews about many people’s Best Picture guess Moonlight, but I haven’t seen one marquee around carrying the title. Am I just not looking hard enough? If so, I’m not the only one. Sixty percent of Americans cannot even name one Best Picture nominee according to the Hollywood Reporter. But thats not surprising since they must expect American movie-goers to really hunt down decent movies these days. This is ridiculous! It’s like saying “Let’s have an exuberant awards ceremony rewarding filmmakers and actors for producing films most people don’t know about, and when they win, expect them to express some moral dilemma happening in the world! Sounds fun right!?”

No. Not at all.

Simply put, the Academy Awards aren’t fun anymore. They aren’t worth throwing an extravagant party for. I don’t even want to dress up. I think if I ever won an Oscar for my un-seen film I would walk slowly up to the podium on stage and have my own heartfelt speech about how much I loathe all of this now. Perhaps my protest speech would change some things. Probably not. I would just get booed off stage like Michael Moore did when he went after George Bush in his infamous 2003 acceptance speech.

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