Watch ‘Skateboarding To Scale’, Our New Documentary

Follow director Ryan Reese as he drops into the world of DIY fingerboard manufacturing and how one craftsman is taking fingerboards from toys to intricate, miniature replica skateboards.

Skateboarding To Scale: The Fine Art Of Fingerboarding, is a 12 minute documentary that follows Ryan Reese, the film’s director and founder of One92 Media, as he explores the art and craftsmanship behind making miniature replica skateboards. After finding a fingerboard maker online named Trent Witcher, Reese spends time with him learning about what drives him to make boards, how he makes them, and even takes him out drinking at a skateboard-build event in downtown Orlando. If you thought fingerboards were just toys, wait until you see what some people call, ”the most detailed handcrafted fingerboards in the world!”

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